The Heart of the Home - Croydon Project

The Californian Bungalow was created in Sydney between the two World Wars a period where locals desired a more stable place to live, a place to call their own; these homes whilst modeled of popular American Architecture (mainly California) where built from local materials, crafted expressing detail and workmanship. Believe it or not but they where considered as a open plan forward a 100 years.

100 years on our Croydon project was tired, it’s once considered “open plan” layout was like a rabbit warren of rooms that disconnected the spaces. The back end of the home was dark but full charm.

Our role was to reimagine the living room, lounge, kitchen and connected laundry space to make a for ever home functional, a place to come together, celebrate,laugh, eat, drink and relax in.
We focused on the craftsman of a 100 years earlier, thinking of detail and craft to create a contemporary interior that reflected the current custodian of this small piece of Sydney’s inner west history.

The goal for this inner west renovation was to be life changing!  The clients’ insisted the pocky, run-down kitchen be transformed into a revitalised heart of their home.   Small rooms and excessive transition spaces surrounded the existing layout.  Insufficient natural light and poor flow was obvious.  Structural advice was sought and the opportunity to open up the floorplan prevailed.

As connection to living and good flow were key drivers in the design, the new kitchen had to perform with the upmost functionality, as the clients love cooking and entertaining.  Aesthetically the design needed good looks in a timeless, contemporary style that was to wear well with the existing architecture.  

Once established that internal walls could be removed, the space unfolded. The clean open slate allowed a free flowing kitchen design to emerge, with an additional beverage / storage centre and central open shelving unit. An added benefit of wall removal was the abundant sunshine that streamed through the glazing, brightening the space considerably.  

An L shape kitchen with central island design kept tall and wall unit storage to the boundaries of the room. It allowed great access to the laundry and rear patio. Functionally it had both active and passive zones and a great working triangle.  Best of all the space now had the flow it needed. Inadequate storage was a big issue for the clients, the tall units, central storage unit, bar and many pullout drawers took care of that. 

The colour palette, a monochrome scheme, dark timber tall units, white Dekton benchtops, grey toned natural stone vertical panels and muted timber floorboards. It is the perfect backdrop to the clients many beautiful colourful objects, art and book collection to display. 
The metal frame that surrounds the island bench emphasizes the joinery paying homage the clients’ Latvian heritage, and the communal buffet style of entertaining they favour. The central storage display plays the divide perfectly.  Semi translucent, it allows the space to feel open and airy whilst ensuring the clients need for storage and display are met.  

The clients’ boxes have been ticked!  The interior caters to a functional, well-planned kitchen with great flow into the laundry room and lounge. The clients are organised and feeling proud and energised by their new home.  Alas entertaining is a breeze with the island the focus of many a successful gathering.

Clear Vision
Understanding a clients needs is the hardest part of what we do, getting clients to understand the creative solution is made easy by demonstrating the desired result before construction, below is a series of 3D CAD images created of this Kitchen Design showing the desired outcome of the Renovation before the client commenced the Kitchen & Living room remodel.


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