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Minosa makes life better through creating extraordinary interior spaces, from conception to completion.

Focusing on the kitchen and bathroom as hubs of the home, they design luxury environments that foster qualities of organisation, comfort, relaxation, security and peace. For Minosa, communication is key — by truly understanding the unique needs and desires of their clients, a creative solution can be tailored that considers their nature, supports their routine and enhances their lifestyle. In this way, wellness and indulgence are integrated into every project they complete.

Minosa sets themselves apart through design, always endeavoring to go beyond the boundaries in their presentation, deliverable and client satisfaction — an approach that is consistently recognised via industry accolades. In addition, their in-house 3D rendering service ensures clear communication of their vision and utmost attention to detail throughout the design development. This is carried through to delivery, with full on-site project management capabilities offering the most comprehensive service of creation and execution.

An appreciation, passion and commitment to bespoke, authentic design is the hallmark of their portfolio. Its what keeps them inspired to continue creating better spaces for people to live, nourish and relax in.

Design life better, with Minosa.

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These are the values that drive us to deliver these results and how we will measure ourselves. 

1. Pushing the boundary of expectation.
To always endeavour to go beyond the ordinary in our presentation, our deliverable, our actions and overall client satisfaction.

2. Improving Peoples lives.
Tailoring design solutions for our clients’ needs, wants and desires builds them a better world.  It creates organisation, comfort, relaxation, security and peace.

3. Great Listeners
Creative solutions can only be made if we truly understand the problem. If we listen well, then we will always hear and understand. And in turn the solution will always be found.

4. Do what we say
Our word is our bond - we do what we say we will do.

5. Every Client a Referrer
Service, service, service!  Our actions ultimately will be delivered through their words.

6. Love the Humble Pie!
To always remain humble and appreciate the opportunities we are bestowed.

7. Brightness of future
Grow and nurture our team, to give them the tools to succeed personally and professionally to be the best versions of themselves.

8. Authentic
Be original!  Each design solution tailored to suit the individual needs of the client.


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