Minosa’s unique service and product offer is underpinned by multidisciplinary design thinking which avails a totally integrated and seamless bathroom and or kitchen solution for a home or apartment - from the purchase of a single washbasin through to the design and installation of a total kitchen, bathroom or interior concept.

The Minosa design service is Kitchen and Bathroom focused, we strive to deliver a unbiased design solution by working closely with our clients to ensure their requirements are delivered and exceeded. The major advantage of our service for those embarking on kitchen, bathroom, extension or entire new home is that by engaging Minosa to design and create theses spaces for you is that we can walk you thru your planned development long before any work has commenced. This is not limited to being in our studio, we can present this walk thru on screen over the internet ANY where in the world. So no matter where you live thru technology we can assist in making the process a more enjoyable one

The building and renovation game is a costly one and one that with out a plan of what you are building before you begin is a plan to fail! Eliminate the costly reworks and build your new room on screen before you start swinging hammers and pouring concrete.

Our Motto - to pursue excellence in our market and to always stay focused on the people who allow us to create - you

All design works produced by Minosa is in full colour 3D CAD. For examples click here

Kitchen, Bathroom and Interior Design

Design service is a personal one on one service liaising with one of our experienced award winning designers. All design packages include initial consultation and presentation of works.

Consulting and Pier Review

If you have a set of plans that you are not quite shore about, we will work thru those plans based on a detailed design brief supplied by you to ensure whats on paper will be workable. This is usually done on a hourly rate or fixed fee.

Site Inspections

Need another set of eyes, we will come to site and look over your development and run thru any concerns you have and offer advise, and sketches are left with you.

Design and Documentation       
This service is top to toe and will include very details design brief and discussions about your needs, the objective of your project and style                                                                                   
Presentation pack(s) consists of floor plan, elevations, benchtop, splashback, services and joinery detail layouts and any relevant special details. 
3D Drawings are presented at the Minosa Design studio on screen with the client walking thru their project in FULL COLOUR. Upon approval JPEG images are produced and supplied

Interior/Exterior Design & Specification
Design Consultation
Soft Furnishings
Exterior Consultation
Furniture selection
Assisting you with all area’s of interior/Exterior design from colour pallets to window selection and even assisting you with your furniture selection.
Detailed spread sheet on all off the selected products and items and where you can purchase these from and who to talk to.

Colour and Concept Boards
Colour consultations
Proposed colour finishes for interior and/or exterior.
Detailed colour schedule will be supplied.
Mood and Colour Boards
Lighting Design
Assisting you with all area’s of lighting design from product selection to switching and dimming positions.
With this option we will supply you with a detailed spread sheet on all off the selected products and items and where you can purchase these from and who to talk to.

3D Interior/Exterior or Product Visualisation
Minosa can bring to life your proposed new home or a new design concept in full colour. Giving you the opportunity to view your new home from the street before you lay a brick!


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