Marek and Angelique
Crows Nest
Minosa’s magic is their intuitive ability to listen to a client, understand the brief and fold the environment into their design. What results is creative genius.  Creative spaces that inspire you to take things to the next level.  Spaces you never even thought possible.  Spaces that offer beauty with functionality.  And spaces you can see straight away with their clever 3D model images of what its actually going to look like.Minosa’s 3D images were amazingly invaluable, it helped everyone involved share the vision – from the builder, the joiner, the tiler, the plumber, the carpenter, the painter and the electrician!  All the trades were on the same page, working with you to build the vision! Throughout the project, in all its twists and turns Minosa was always ready to offer advice, counsel and opinion.  It gave us such a sense of comfort. What’s also been interesting, is no matter how close you got to the design on paper, as the spaces became real, Minosa's design details just kept unfolding as you really saw the value and the science in their work.  From the lighting to the space orientation, to the functionality of everyday spaces. We are the beneficiares of Minosa’s magic.  We get to live in spaces that are amazingly beautiful and work really well for the everyday.
When we met Minosa, we won the design lottery.  ________________________________________________________________________________

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the magnificent job you have done.Not only is it visually beautiful but even  more importantly it works brilliantly.You intuitively extracted my  ideas and lifestyle preferences,then improved on my ideas and designed around my lifestyle giving me a wonderful and easy to maintain residenceI sit in my chair sipping my morning coffee sandwiched between an extremely attractive streetscape and a very pleasant garden , a stunning kitchen and a beautiful lounge room and I think how lucky I am.You and your team were there during the whole process to supervise the builders, adapt plans  and details where  necessary and advise on everything from blinds to marble  and you were always on call whenever i thought it was necessary even when it definitely wasn’t necessary and I was just being neurotic (again)Thank you I really appreciate it

Charlie and Janica

Darren saved us! We went in there initially to look at The Puddle Basin. When we walked in we were out of our depth and overwhelmed with all of the decisions that needed to be made for our first and dream home. Darren and his team (within 6 weeks) provided us with comfort, excitement and a vision that helped us to put our dream into reality. We were provided with detailed drawings, a finishing schedule and 3D video of our home for people like us who need visuals!! We are not surprised you keep winning so many awards. Your innovation and creativity is what we live with everyday. THANK YOU!!! We love it xxThe creative individuals that make up Minosa have proven their innovative capability through cool designs, functional concepts and practical methods. Minosa's paramount craft in Kitchen, Bathroom and Interior Design is exceptional and I sincerely look forward to working with Minosa again on the next available opportunity.We knew of Minosa thru a friend, Angela who is the Melbourne Rep for Minosa. The product ranges and design services are spectacular and really make a statement. We were undertaking a major renovation on our place and engaged Angela to design our kitchen and 2 bathrooms, along with Darren's assistance at the concept stage. Minosa products were used in both bathrooms and the final result for both the kitchen and bathrooms was sensational. We couldn't be happier with the final outcome. Thanks Angela, we live it everyday!When our family bathroom needs updating we will be back!

Ryan and Alida

North Bridge
We were very happy with the concept that Minosa developed for our house in Northbridge. We had worked with 2 architects during the design and while we were very happy with the house design, we felt that the bathrooms and especially the ensuite and parents retreat lacked that edge and did not capitalise on the space and views. After some months of delay we decided to go outside our Architect for support in this area. My wife found Minosa and after our first meeting and preliminary sketches I was sure they could resolve our issues. We have now completed the build and are extremely happy not only with the design but with the level of detail and support provided to our builder and us during the construction. Both our architects were also very impressed with the outcome and I look forward to working with them again on our next project

Antony and Janelle

So one day we walked into the Annandale showroom of Minosa.  We were in search on the perfect bathroom basin for our renovation.  We wanted to use it in two of our four bathrooms.  Our research had led us here.  So…. 4 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living/ dining room, 1 study, 1 bedroom, 1 entry foyer and staircase design later we were very happy with Minosa! Then five awards later (and also being finalists a few more times), we were certainly very, very very happy clients!We walked into Minosa's showroom with no expectations.  What we received was a warm, professional and friendly welcome.  This was the basis for establishing a strong relationship over the coming months during our renovation.  The whole design and construct process was professional and seamless. At our request, Minosa became involved in many aspects of the renovation resulting in a completed product far superior to what we had first set out to achieve. We simply could not be happier with the result.

 Jodie Meidling
“Who else could have come up with a design that could possibly have reflected my dream kitchen.  The bench was set high when I requested an ‘Industrial’ meets ‘Classic’, meets ‘Gothic’ style kitchen, complete with Rubens reproduction artwork and 70’s classic wall paper.  Darren and Simona brought my vision to reality with  every aspect of my idea complemented with practical solutions, ease of use and a design that would easily be comfortable in the pages of Vogue Living.  I cannot thank Minosa enough for putting my vision into a reality.”

Naiem Teghlobi

Multiple Projects
I've had the pleasure of working with Minosa on serval occasions and each time Minosa has introduced a unique perspective to the design. Minosa's approach is always fresh and the attention to detail is unparalleled.

Nick and Rosanna

We knew of Minosa thru a friend, Angela who is the Melbourne Rep for Minosa. The product ranges and design services are spectacular and really make a statement. We were undertaking a major renovation on our place and engaged Angela to design our kitchen and 2 bathrooms, along with Darren's assistance at the concept stage. Minosa products were used in both bathrooms and the final result for both the kitchen and bathrooms was sensational. We couldn't be happier with the final outcome. Thanks, we live it everyday!


Slav Calandra

Multiple Projects
Sexiest bathroom furniture in Sydney. 
When I finally found this gorgeous basin that was displayed in the Corian Stand at the design expo 4 years ago in Darling harbour, I found out who the designer was, which then lead me to Minosa's showroom in annandale. I fell in love with all of Minosa's bathroom furniture. The quality and design is a cut above the rest. I struggled to find a local sydney designer that had the design vision I was after, and then I found Minosa. Thank you so much for creating a beautiful environment for my gorgeous bathrooms that i utilise everyday. It makes me appreciate design from the moment I wake up brushing my teeth to the moment I go to bed brushing my teeth over gorgeous basin of yours.
Kitchen Design
After knowing Darren from purchasing all my bathroom furniture for my own property, I decided to contract Minosa to come up with two kitchen designs for a project I was managing. The brief was given, and Minosa came up with two different amazing designs. Minosa delivered on time, and their visual documents were precise and thorough. Minosa's designs are fresh and sexy.  I love love love all their designs and visuals, I will be definitely be using Minosa again, they are at the forefront in their industry for kitchens and bathrooms.

Jackie and Greg Fischer
Hi there Darren and team,Greg and I really wanted to provide feedback as the service, design and quality at Minosa is outstanding. Our ensuite bathroom is by far the favourite part of our renovation. Both in terms of ease of installation, design and end result. It is a joy to use and 2 years on it still looks spectacular. We have spread the word about Minosa to all our renovating friends and colleagues.

Bridget and David
WaverlyRussell Lea 
Darren and Simona saved us from despair – there is no other way of putting it! We live in a small, single-storey semi, with the kitchen, living and dining areas crammed into one long narrow room. We had wanted a new, contemporary kitchen while also opening up the space available in the room, as well as adding additional storage. This was a big ask, seemingly. Several kitchen design companies had looked, sighed, and consigned us to the too-hard basket - all suggesting that the only solution was to add an extra storey to our home. This was not an option for various reasons. A friend had seen Minosa’s showroom and suggested we ring them. Enter Darren: he didn’t sigh, nor did he shake his head, nor did he express his horror at the chaos of that one cluttered room, as other companies’ representatives had done. “Sure it’s a challenge, but we can do it!” he said. We now have a beautiful room, good enough to have featured in Trends magazine, thanks to Darren and Simona’s excellence in design, and their extraordinary talent for combining form and function in a workable way. It was a joy to work with them and the result is that we love our home. It is still small, but it is also beautiful – and it works for us. We thank Minosa every single day!

Anne and Steve Moller
Russell Lea 
We had searched high and low in our attempt to come up with a functional makeover for our Californian bungalows very small bathroom. We visited Minosa by chance, one Saturday afternoon and immediately knew we had found what we were looking for. What we had not expected was the fantastic design service provided by Darren and the team. Darren came up with a innovative design which makes use of every inch of the small space. We sourced every component through Minosa, except the tiles, and our bathroom is a one off which didn't cost any more than the big stores. That was over 18 months ago and we still love the design and wouldn't change a thing.


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